Breedrs was built as part of the Mediamatic RFID Hackers '08 Camp and was shown at PICNIC '08 It went from concept to finished installation in 4 days.

It was an artificial life environment and digital ecosystem tied to the conference by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Each visitor to the conference had a creature of their own, generated from tags in their profiles in the PICNIC network. The visitors used their RFID tags to release their creatures into the environment or to call them back if they were already free. Two visitors could scan their tags together and create two new creatures based on a genetic algorithm.

The concept was to try to make what was happening in the digital world resemble what was happening in the conference. At a conference people look for others who they stand to benefit most from by interacting with them. In the same way, people can seek out others with the strongest or most aesthetically pleasing creatures and breed with them to make their own creature "better".

For this project I was responsible for large parts of the software including the graphics, their ecosystem, their behaviour and their interaction with each other and with the various events that could be triggered from the RFID readers.